Have you ever wondered how it is possible for you to send and receive emails online, pay bills through internet banking, or save a photo you found on the web?

To use your email, you don’t need to have anything installed on your computer, even the emails are not stored on the memory of your phone or laptop. Those messages are stored on a server that could be anywhere in the world.

With an internet connection at your disposal, you can access this information from any computer or mobile phone anywhere in the world. This is cloud computing.

What does Cloud Computing Mean?

Cloud computing in a very simplified form means accessing files, programs, or computing resources that are not on your computer over a network.
What do all these have to do with your organization? A lot.
According to hostingtribunal.com, 99% of companies are on the cloud and by 2021, traditional data centers will be obsolete as cloud data centers will process 94% of workloads.

This tells you that the future of cloud computing is sure, and your organization should not be left behind.
One great advantage of cloud computing for organizations is that you do not have to buy or maintain expensive software, computing infrastructure, or manage in-house data storage. Instead, you can enjoy the benefits of remote access over networks such as the internet, state of the art software, and data storage systems offered by external specialized service providers, resulting in much more affordable and efficient information technology systems.

Cloud computing allows organizations access their resources whenever they need them. Companies do not have to invest in buying new machines or building new data centers.

Key Benefits Cloud Computing Brings To Your Business

1. Cost-effectiveness: Instead of investing in expensive computing infrastructure, your organization typically pays for the computing service needed, as the entire computational structure is on virtual servers. This also reduces fixed costs of setting up and running a complex in-house computing environment.

2. Remote access: More organizations are embracing remote work systems. The working model is much easier when your organization adopts cloud computing. With cloud computing, any member of your team only needs internet access to check documents or information anywhere in the world from a device.

3. Increased Productivity: Workload can never be blocked again because a team member locked up his or her computer in the office. Cloud computing makes this information or files easily accessible at any time, during work hours or beyond. The storage capacity of files in the cloud is limitless. Therefore, your employees do not have to worry about the storage space available on their computers, file sizes, backups or updates, etc.

4. Better Security: Documents, files, and other information stored in the cloud remain safe. Even if your computer crashes or gets infected by a virus, you can always retrieve them from the cloud.

5. Optimization of management processes: All these translate to an improvement in an organization’s management process. Adopting cloud computing gives you greater control over your employees’ activities. This helps you focus your resources and talents on tasks that bring real gains to your business.
The benefits of cloud computing to your organization are numerous. It is an indispensable innovation that brings positive results to your business processes. Embrace cloud computing today.

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